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  • Productsize:25*13*7.5cm.

  • Setof15colorfulwoodenstackingblocksandabase,madeofhighqualitybeechwoodandpaintedwitheco-friendlywater-basedpaint.

  • Fivekindsofgeometricblock,madefunwithcountingandstacking.

  • Simpledesign,helpthechildrentodistinguishthecolors,shapesandnumbers.

  • ImproveHand-eyecoordinationforchildren,andencouragethemtothinkcreatively.

  • Box Contain:
    1 x Wooden Base with 5 Pegged Pieces
    1 x Circle Puzzle Shapes
    2 x Square Puzzle Shapes
    3 x Triangle Puzzle Shapes
    4 x Flower Puzzle Shapes
    5 x Pentagon Puzzle Shapes
    Problem Solving: Encourages your child to think creatively.
    Hand to Eye CoordinationBoosts your child’s reactions and helps them develop balance and skill.
    Exercise hand-on skillLet the children assemble the products by themselves and let him become smarter!
    Recognize ColorDistinguish red, yellow, blue and green, you can do it!

    ACOOLTOY Wooden Counting Stacker Geometrical Stacking Blocks Toy For Children 18 Months and Up