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  • Multifunctionaltoy:carrywith13buttonswith13functions&3modes,accordingtothebaby'scognitiveneeds,selectsuitableearlyeducationcontents.

  • Safetymaterials:madeofqualifiedecho-friendlysoftbitefreesilicone,Macaroncolorandcarshapedesignwithmusic,storiesandsoftlighttoevokebaby’sattention.

  • Specialityskyprojectionfunction:builtinstarprojectiondevice,accompanythebabytoexpellonelinessatnight,createacomfortableenvironmentandcomfortbabytosleep.

  • Earlyeducationalfunction:withgoodstimulationandeducationaltrainingforbabies,improvetheirabilitiesofcrawlandscratchwithcomfortsoftmusic.

  • Recyclingpowerfeature:powersuppliedwith3AAAbatteries(NotIncluded),easytoreplacebyyourselves,agoodgiftoptionforbabies.

  • Mode Switching

    Mode one (power on)

    3 Children's Songs
    6 Character Name
    7 kinds of color recognition
    5 kinds of telephone ringtones
    15 kinds of Piano music
    6 kinds Transportation tools
    5 kinds of SMS sound effects
    5 kinds of baby sound effects
    15 kinds Soothing sleep
    6 Animal cognition
    4 kinds of weather sound effects
    2 segments camera sound effects

    Mode 2 (short press mode key)

    Bilingual numbers, addition and subtraction mnemonics

    Mode 3 (5 consecutive arbitrary key presses)

    Randomly play a phone dialing sound effect

    Long press mode key

    Projection light turns on, lullaby loop plays 15 songs, long press the mode key again to close.
    (In this mode, trigger the number 0 key to play/close the lullaby, only the projection light on, after 30 minutes automatically into hibernation, no light and no sound)

    Warm Tips
    Small phone after the end of any one function play, 60 seconds without any operation will have to play the lock sound after entering hibernation.

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