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  • FUNCHARACTERS:afunandcolourfulsafariprintfulloffriendlycharacterstokeepyourbabyamusedastheireyesightdevelops

  • SENSORY:discovertexturesfromthecrinklyelephantearandvelvetysoftnessalongthegiraffe’sneckaswellasseeingreflectionsthroughthelargebaby-safemirror

  • DEVELOPMENT:thisplaymatcanbeusedforthatall-importanttummytimeandcontrolledrolling,perfectforsupportingyourbabyastheyfirstdiscoverthefreedomofmovement

  • SAFEPLAYAREA:extrathickpaddingwiththickpaddedbumperedges

  • EASYCLEAN:Machinewashable-cold,gentlecycle

  • Dimensions:150Lx100Wx5Hcm

  • Product Description

    Super soft fabric with extra thick padding makes this the comfiest sensory play mat. this mat encourages freedom and movement with added piece of mind due to the thickly padded bumper edges. discover reflections through the large mirror and explore textures from crinkly elephant ear to velvety softness along the giraffe’s neck. the monochrome and colourful mix of patterns and friendly characters will keep your little one amused as their eyesight develops. this character filled play mat can be used for that all-important tummy time and controlled rolling, supporting your little one as they first discover the freedom of movement.

    BABYZEE Safari Playmat Fun Characters with Sensory Elements Suitable from Birth