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  • ASSORTMENTOFSHAPES:Includedare10piecesinthisteachingboard,eachonehasauniqueteachingobjective,allowingchildrentorecognizethefeaturesandmutualrelationsofgeometricshapes,andthecomparisonandsortingofvariousfractionscombinations.

  • SAFEWOODENTOY:TheseMontessoritoysaremadeofenvironmentallyfriendlywoodandnon-toxicwaterbasedpaint.Allthepieceshavetheiredgessmoothandwon'thurtthebaby'sdelicateskin.ItconformstoEN71andASTMSafetyStandards.Recommendedage4yearsup.

  • PART&WHOLE:Yourtoddlerwilllearntherelationshipbetweenpartandwhole,asaninitialsteptofractionlearning.Learngeometryshapesclassification,grouping,numbers,colors.Itisanicejuniorleveltoy,teachingtoolsinschool,homeschool,orearlychildhooddevelopment.

  • MANUALDEXTERITY:Thesebabyblocksenhanceyoungchildren'sfinemotorskills,promotethedevelopmentofhand-eyecoordinationandlogicalthinking.Veryengagingactivitiesforconceptdevelopment:shapes,colors,length,depth,thicknesspatternsandsequencing.

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  • Montessori Toys

    The child can do a variety of exercises with these materials, including matching them with the cylinder blocks, stacking them on top of each other to form a tower, and arranging them in size or different patterns. When the yellow, red, and green cylinders are placed on top of each other, they all are the same height.


    Encouraging babies' hands, eyes, brain coordination.

    Promoting color recognition.

    Train kid's practical ability and hand-eye coordination.

    Enhance fine motor skill.

    Motor Skills

    A great toy for enhancing fine motor skills, spatial reasoning,and hand coordination,dexterity for young children boys and girls as they grab the peg and match. Kids will learn and compare each block diameter and height, putting them into the right hole. To remove the cylinders, the child tends to naturally use the same three-finger grip used to hold pencils.

    Portable & Easy to Store

    Thanks to the lightweight and sturdy, our wooden cylinder board can accompany your little one no matter where they travel to. Storage is just as simple, the nesting patterns on the wooden shape block allow you to easily store and carry them so you can easily move it around.

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