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  • Acosybeautifullydesigned'firstofitskind'qualitybabyblanketwhichisbuilttobecomesmaller.Asthechildgrowsandbecomesattached,ByeByeBlankiegentlyhelpsparentsweantheirchildfromtheblanketbytrimmingawaylayersatmilestonestokeepsakesizethusbecomingadiscreetpocket-sizedcomfortblanket

  • ByeByeBlankie'suniquetrimmablelayersmeansachildcankeeptheirblankieforlonger-shrinkingastheygrow.5individualseamswitharepeatingpatternmeansthatthereductionisgradual,evenunnoticeable

  • ToreduceByeByeBlankiesimplytrimawaytheoutsidetotheprintedstitchline.Evenaftertrimming,theblanketisalwayscompletewithdiscreetseamsateachtrimline.Mostimportantly-thepatternrepeatssoitalwayslooksthesamewhateveritssize

  • ByeByeBlankieis100%doublelayeredpolyesterandismadeupof2textures:smoothandfleecymakingitperfectfornewbornsandsmallchildren

  • ByeByeBlankieisreversible,non-fade,anti-frayandmachinewashableat40℃

  • Bye Bye Blankie is the perfect gift for a new baby, a christening, your next baby shower or that big gender reveal. Bye Bye Blankie's unique trimmable layers means a child can keep their blankie for longer - shrinking as they grow. 5 individual seams with a repeating pattern means that the reduction is gradual...even unnoticeable How Does it Work? If you want to reduce Bye Bye Blankie simply trim away the outside to the printed stitch line. Even after trimming, the blanket is always complete with discreet seams at each trim line. Most importantly - the pattern repeats so it always looks the same whatever its size. What do Parents say? "This product gives parents a structured way of helping them and their child manage feelings of loss associated with increased levels of independence and agency". 100cm x 80cm. Available in 3 vibrant colours: Heart 2 Heart (pink), Starry Starry Night (blue), Baa Baa Blankie (grey).

    Bye Bye Blankie Baa Baa,Grey