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  • ColourfulCoComelonBathSquirtersmakebathtimefun!

  • BathSquirterSetincludesMommyShark,DaddyShark,andJ.J.inhisSharkoutfitsquirttoys!

  • CoComelonbathsquirtersareperfectlysizedforlittlehandstohold

  • Yourtoddlerwillhavelotsoffunastheysqueezetheirbathsquirterandwatchitspraywateroutatthem!

  • They’retheperfectadditiontoeverybathtime!

  • Product Description

    Splish, splash, turn bathtime into a blast with CoComelon Bath Squirters! This fun CoComelon toy will make bathtime your little one’s favourite part of the day. This bath squirt toy includes Sea Turtle, Blue Fish, and J.J. in his fisherman outfit!

    Cocomelon Bath Squirters 2 Shark & JJ