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  • ✅WiththesePropellerprotectors,Avoidseriouslanding,Largelypreventsthepropellerfromscratchingpeopleorobjects.

  • ✅Fullyprotectsthepropellersandimprovesflightsafety,thusyourdevicewilllastlonger.

  • ✅Whenhitwall,treeorwhatever,aslongasthepropellersrotate,yourdevicewillalwayskeepbalanced,Itwillstayinairinsteadofdroppingdown.

  • ✅Quickreleasedesign,easytoinstallandremove,

  • ✅Lightweightandsmall,easytocarryandstorage,Compatiblewithbeginnersandjuniorusers.

  • Propellers Description of product specifications and features:
    Replacement spare part, Compatible with stable fly and long time use.
    Quick-Release, easily install onto the drone.
    Profile airfoil design, which can effectively reduce the friction and differential pressure resistance of propeller and air, and improve the aerodynamic efficiency.
    Super tough material with strong shock resistance and vibration absorbing ability, which can effectively reduce the damage of impact on the motor and reduce the vibration noise.
    Main Production material: Plastic
    Quantity: 4Pcs/lot
    Available colors: White/red
    Open Product Product specifications and special Description of product specifications and features:21.5 x 2.5cm
    4pcs in a set, 2cw + 2ccw in the package, no fear of propellers breaking.

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    F-Mingnian-rsg Drone Propeller Landing Gear Legs Rubber Pad Propeller Guard Drone Protector Replacement Parts Compatible with Fimi X8 SE RC Drone Accessories Color : Red Legs