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  • Thecutecuddlyblanketwithunicornheadputsasmileonthebaby'sface:itprovidescomfort,warmth,securityandquicklybecomesabestfriend

  • Whenfallingasleep,thecutecuddlyblanketisarealhelp-iteasilycuddlesintotheheartoftiredadventurersandbecomesafaithfulcompanionwhetherathomeorwhentravelling

  • Thecuddlysoftmaterials,theheadoftheunicornandtheknottedendsinviteyoutogrip,feelandcuddle,sothatitissoonnolongerleftoutofyourhand

  • Thankstotheattachmentring,thedummyclothcanbeeasilyattachedtoalldummies,whetherwithorwithouthandle,sothedummyisnotlostevenonadventures

  • Boxcontents:1xunicorncomforterfromtheAiko&Yukicollection,dimensions:30cm,outermaterial:plush,velour,fabric,washableat30°C,itemnumber:057119

  • Product Description

    The cute cuddly blanket with unicorn head from the Aiko & Yuki collection is a comforter, warmer, sleep aid and cuddly friend in one and becomes a faithful companion whether at home or when travelling. The practical attachment ring also ensures that even the dummy is not lost on the biggest adventures. When falling asleep, the cute cuddly blanket is a real help - during the day, the cuddly soft materials, the head and the stitched ends invite you to grip, feel and cuddle, so that the cute unicorn is soon no longer left out of your hand.

    Fehn 057119 Fehn 057119 Unicorn Comforter Blanket