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  • 1.【RemoteControlSnakeRealistic】:RCsnaketoyis4.72"long,segmentedbodyforexcellentslitheringactionandcreepsalongquitequicklyonsmoothfloor.Swingingtailmakeitmorelifelikewhenyouusetheremotecontroller.NOTE:Itdoesn'tworkonover-resistancecarpets

  • 2.【RemoteControlFunctions】Theoperationissimple,thecobracanbeoperatedbyinfraredrays,gostraight,turn,andotheractions,anditcanalsoperform360°rotation.

  • 3.【FlexibleMovingBody&Tail】Whenthesnakecrawls,itsbodyandtailwillswingfast&flexibly,justlikearealsnakecrawlingonthegroundorgrass.

  • 4.【EasytoUse】Theremotecontroldistancecanreachabout8meters,withautomaticdemonstration,pressandholdatthesametimetomoveforwardandright,andpressandholdtoturnon.

  • 5.【QualityMaterial】:OurrealisticrcsnaketoyismadeofhighqualityABSmaterial,eco-friendly,non-toxicandnosmell.Safeforkidstoplaywith.Recommendedforages6andabove.PerfecttoysnakesforkidsgiftforBirthday,Halloween,Christmas,NewYearandsoon

  • Product description

    1. Imitate the shape of a cobra, just like a real cobra. It will follow up quickly and its tail will swing to attract the attention of pets.
    2. The operation is simple, the cobra can be operated by infrared rays, go straight, turn, and other actions, and it can also perform 360° rotation.
    3. Eye-catching and creepy tricky props for Halloween April Fools and pranks.
    4. The remote control distance can reach about 8 meters, with automatic demonstration, press and hold at the same time to move forward and right, and press and hold to turn on.
    5. The eyes of the remote control cobra will glow when it is turned on. The light is a luminous LED light, which does not hurt the pet's eyes and brings a different toy experience to the pet.

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