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  • TIMELESSART—Yourspinningtopwillforeverremainatimeless,elegantpieceofartthatwillbelovedbyyouandyourchildren'schildren

  • PRECISION-MACHINED—Everytopischeckedforperfection.Topsareprecision-machinedusingonlythepurestmetalsandalloysfromaroundtheworld.OnlythefinesttopsreceivetheForeverSpinseal

  • BOOSTCREATIVITY&FOCUS—Accordingtorecentstudies,fiddlingwithitemsatyourdeskcanaidinthoughtprocessandimproveproductivity!

  • CHALLENGEYOURSELF—Wealllovetochallengeourselves.Beatyourownspintimesor,betteryet,competewithyourfriendsforpizzaordrinks

  • THEPERFECTSIZE—Dimensionsexpertlycalculatedtoallowforminimalfrictionandstressonthetops'tipswhilestillallowinghandlingwithhandsofallsizes.3.56cmtallx2.86cmdiameter.31g.

  • Forever Spin tops are Made in Canada, and CNC-machined from a solid piece of metal for precision, quality and durability. Every spinning top is meticulously checked to ensure that only perfectly balanced tops receive a serial number and carry the Forever Spin seal. We have taken the world's oldest toy and transformed it into a timeless jewel. Your Forever Spin top can be passed on for generations to cherish. It's the perfect gift, designed to last forever. Forever Spin is one of the most recognized spin top company in the world. Look for our authentic holographic serial number and don't settle for imitations. Historic from the bronze age, this metal comes in a metallic brown colour and has outstanding surface finish that is highly resistant to corrosion. Its low coefficient of friction is perfect for spinning tops! Bronze will darken over time with a fine patina starting with a light brown colour. 3.56cm tall x 2.86cm diameter. 31g.

    ForeverSpin Bronze Top World Famous Spinning Tops