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  • Madeofhighqualitymaterial,thesepartsarewearableandhavelongservicelife

  • Theseproductsarefortoysgearpulleyandotherspareparts,suitableforDIYmodeltechnologyproduction

  • Therearemanykindsofgearpartsandyoucanfindonethatbettermeetyourneed

  • Theyarealsogoodreplacementofoldorbrokenparts

  • Smallparts,easytouse,greatmodelmakingaccessoriesforallkindsofcar,robots,etc

  • Description:
    If you are a model amateur, you would know that gears, pulleys and worms are essential and necessary parts for models. Here we provide many gears of different sizes and many other accessories which may meet your basic needs for model making.

    Made of high quality material, these parts are wearable and have long service life.
    These products are for toys gear pulley and other spare parts, suitable for DIY model technology production.
    There are many kinds of gear parts and you can find one that better meet your need.
    Small parts, easy to use, great model making accessories for all kinds of car, robots, etc.
    They are also good replacement of old or broken parts.

    Main Material: Metal, plastic
    Motor Shaft Diameter: 2mm
    Weight: 142g(approx.)

    Package Includes:
    9 x Single-Layer Gears
    7 x Crown Gears
    11 x Single-Layer Gears
    14 x Double-Layer Gears
    6 x Pulleys
    2 x Worms
    10 x 2mm Bushings
    3 x Motors
    1 x White Holder
    1 x Metal Holder
    1 x Battery Holder for AA Batteries
    1 x Switch
    4 x Green Wheels
    4 x Red Rubber Wheels
    2 x Axles
    2 x Axles
    2 x Axles
    3 x Propellers
    6 x Rubber Bands

    Gears Kits Plastic Gear Kit Great Model Making Accessories Motors Worms Belts Bushings Pulleys Wheels Gears Assortment for All Kinds of Car Robots