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  • RCbuggyremotecontrolledwithchaindriveandconvertibleto4-wheeldrive

  • Bothforextremeinclines(chaindrive)andfastrides(wheeldrive)

  • 2motorsforstrongdrive,LEDlightingandcooldesign

  • Stableandshock-resistantdesign,remotelycontrolledinscaleof1:14

  • Withbatteryandcharger

  • RTR entry-level crawler with chain suspension and wheels. Depending on the surface, the desired drive can be freely selected. Steep terrain? Rocky ascents? Simply leave the already assembled high-quality chain suspension on the vehicle and climb almost endlessly. Need it a little faster? Simply mount the included high grip wheels and the vehicle is a mix of rock crawler and rock racer. The model has 2 powerful motors (each axle 1x) and a splash-proof electronics. When the chain suspension is mounted, the driving behaviour should be the same as a full-fledged crawler, as the model almost no longer rolls away due to the chains, e.g. slopes etc. (similar to a moutainbreak). With this great vehicle there are almost no limits on the terrain. The robust construction with the precise chassis and the long suspension paths ensure long unclouded fun on almost any surface. The large 1200 mAh Ni-Mh battery with BEC plug also allows a long driving time. - Various drive options - chain suspension and wheels included - tyre size: 90 mm - 2 strong motors - 4 WD drive - splash-proof electronics - high ground clearance - long suspension travel - 2.4 GHz transmitter with auto-binding - transmitter switches off automatically - everything required for operation included - LED lighting front - independent suspension weight & dimensions - weight: 1.14 kg - Length: 7777 = Height: 190 mm, wheel spacing: 22 cm, tyre width (front): 9 cm, tyre width (rear): 9 cm

    HBS Hubsons® RC Extreme Buggy Crawler with Chains and Wheels Including Battery and Charger Remote Controlled