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  • CONTENT:2pcshandwristrattlesand2pcsfootrattlessocksperset.Footrattlesocksize:5.51"x2.55",Wristrattlesize:5.90"x1.57".(Bothof2wristrattlesandmonkeyfootrattlesockhaverattle.Theelephantsockwithoutrattle.)

  • BRIGHTCOLORFUL:Thesebrightcolorsanddesignsmakethisbabyrattleseasytofind.Brightcolors,patternsandsmilinganimalfacesvisuallystimulateyourbaby'svisionandfocus,encouragebabytotouchandexplore.

  • Thebabyrattlescomeinavibrantarrayofcolorsandpatterns,makingitextremelyinterestingtoyourbaby.Canhelpbabieseasilydistinguishingbetweendifferentpatterns,colors,andrecognizingfacesandnoise.Encouragesbabytodiscoveryimprovesbaby'shand-eye.

  • EASYTOPUTONANDREMOVE:ThewristrattlewrapsattachwithsimpleVelcro,sotheyareeasytoputonandremove.

  • FUN:Babieswillenjoythenicesoundofthecuteanimalsofttoy.Yourbaby'sattentionandinterestwillbecaughtbythesoftnoise.ItisagreatbabytoywhichwillbeaspecialassistantduringbabyshowersandspecialgiftforbirthdaypartiesorChristmasgatherings.

  • ▲More Reminding: 2 Wrist rattles and monkey foot rattle sock have rattle. The elephant sock has no rattle because of nose.

    ▲More Enjoyment: Different colors rather than single color, which can catch kids’ eyes. Stripe style rather than single pure style, and have a soft baby rattle sound when waggling.

    ▲More Care: Made by organic cotton and soft skin material, which can make babies feel comfortable when touch. The wrist rattles wraps use Velcro attach which can press together and untie easily. The baby sock toys with bright colors but will not fade. Soft material can make babies touch cozily, the raised elephant nose and monkey mouth can make kids have more enjoyment. The soft sound when waggling can make kids have more interest to play with it.

    ▲More fun: ICEBLUEOR Baby Animal Wrist Rattle and Foot Rattles Finder is not only for boy or girl, it’s for any baby or infant. It is a great gift rattle for baby infant or toddler, you will not miss it. This Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Toy Set makes a great present for any expectant mother or newborn baby.Give it as a special gift for baby showers,birthday parties or Christmas gatherings.Both babies and parent will love and enjoy these toys.

    Please do not take the inside little bell out of the baby rattle, your baby may swallow it, it’s dangerous!

    ICEBLUEOR Baby Rattle Baby Wrist Rattle and Foot Rattles Finder Socks Set Developmental Soft Animal Rattles Monkey and Elephant Socks Toys Infant Baby Toys 4 Pcs