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  • ThisLittlemonkeyisarealacrobat

  • Oneofitslegsisequippedwithasuctioncuptobefixedfirmlytoatable,highchair

  • Forevenmorefun,itsheadanditsbodyareclickingwhenturning

  • Anotherlegisprovidedwithamirror

  • Itholdsinitsarmsalargehandleonwhichslide4ringsthatcollidebetweenthemandarotatingball

  • Product Description

    The Stick & Spin High Chair Pal easily attaches to most smooth surfaces. This twisting, rotating activity friend is packed with fun activities including chaser beads, a spinner and peek-a-boo foot mirror. Perfect for mealtime or playtime!

    Infantino Stick and Spin High Chair Pal