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  • Promotescreativeplayandsocialbehaviour.Thehorseleadwithhalterpromotescreativeplayoutdoorsandindoorsandtrainsthesocialbehaviourofyourchildrenwithsiblingsandfriends.

  • Safeplayingfun:Thehorsehalteriseasytoputon,hasasafetyquickrelease,robust,strongandroundededges,noriskofinjury.

  • Weatherproofandwashable:Duetothehigh-qualitywithextrachrome-platedcarabinerhooksandstainlesssteeleyelets,thetoyreinsareparticularlydurable.

  • Canbewornwithanyclothes.Thehorseharnessforsmallandlargechildrenupto82cmcircumference,reinslength80cmandapprox.125glightweight,canalsobewornwiththickclothing,sweaterorjacket.

  • Safetyandrunninglead:suitableforsmallchildrenwholiketowalkthemselvesandcanbeguidedbyaparent,promotesmotorsofthechild.

  • A horse harness for two or more children for imaginative, fun horse and rider games. You can move outside and run out and thus strengthen the immune system. The children can think up and recreate stories, developing social competence and promote communication. Also a rider can lead several horses with a rein. The lead is lightweight, yet robust and durable with well-made seams, easy to put on with the safety lock and adjust in size. The harness is versatile, as a running. or safety leleleline, When you are on the go, the child wants to run themselves and cannot be removed so far. The material is soft and washable with a safety lock, eyelets made of stainless steel and chrome-plated, rounded hooks, so there is no risk of injury when worn. This toy is also suitable for nurseries, nurseries and preschools.

    Janna natural goods Horse Harness for Children from 3 to 12 Years Horse Lead for Playing Girls Boys in Pink Rider Horse Reins 2-Piece Halter and Running Lead Outdoor