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  • 4Gremotecontrol,theremotecontroldistanceisupto50m,thewatercandriveforwards,backwards,leftandright,theimageisvividandlifelike,thevolumeismoderate,suitableforindoorandoutdoormultipleplacestoplay,lightweightandeasytocarry

  • Thisproductcanhelpyoudriveawaywildducksandprotectthewaterquality.Therealisticappearancewillmakeotheranimalsfeelscared,sotheycanstayawayfromyourswimmingpoolandprotectyourswimmingpool

  • Goodwaterproofperformance,thechargingportisequippedwitharubberwaterproofplug,andthebottomoftheboatisfullyenclosedandwaterproof.Itisastreamlinedhulldesign,withremotecontrolshipcollisionprotection

  • Thisshipislightanddurable.Thecontrolleriseasyforsmallhandstohold,trytopressthebutton,theboatsailsquickly,andtheanswercomesout.Itisusedtosimulatetheappearanceandactionsofarealcrocodile,whichisverysuitableforpranks

  • Thisremote-controlledspeedboatissuitableforuseinlakesorswimmingpools.Itisanexcellentgiftforchildrenbirthdays,holidaysandfestivals.Itisverysuitableforboys,girlsandadults6-12yearsoldandabove

  • Remote Crocodile Racing Boat Toy, 2.4G High-Speed Ship Spoof Toy, Floating Alligator Head for Lake, Swimming Pool, Pond, Shock Prank Toy for Adults Kids Playing in Water, Fast Speed Floating Boat
    2.4G remote control, the remote control distance is up to 50m, the water can drive forwards, backwards, left and right, the image is vivid and lifelike, the volume is moderate, suitable for indoor and outdoor multiple places to play, light weight and easy to carry.
    This product can help you drive away wild ducks and protect the water quality. The realistic appearance will make other animals feel scared, so they can stay away from your swimming pool and protect your swimming pool.
    Good waterproof performance, the charging port is equipped with a rubber waterproof plug, and the bottom of the boat is fully enclosed and waterproof. It is a streamlined hull design, with remote control ship collision protection.
    This ship is light and durable. The controller is easy for small hands to hold, try to press the button, the boat sails quickly, and the answer comes out. It is used to simulate the appearance and actions of a real crocodile, which is very suitable for pranks.
    This remote-controlled speedboat is suitable for use in lakes or swimming pools. It is an excellent gift for children birthdays, holidays and festivals. It is very suitable for boys, girls and adults 6-12 years old and above.

    Product color: as shown
    Product material: plastic
    Product size: 31x15x12cm/12.2x5.9x4.72 inches
    Product packaging: color box
    Product battery: 3.7v 500 mAh
    Remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (Remote battery not included)
    Charging time: 1 hour
    Use time: 20 minutes
    Remote control distance: 50m

    Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.Thank you!
    Please allow

    Junerain 2.4G Remote Control Electric Crocodile Racing Boat Toy RC Simulation Swimming Crocodile Head Ship Spoof Toy Floating Fake High-Speed Alligator Head Prank Toy for Pools Lakes Ponds