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  • 80PiecesMagneticBlocks-30Square,22SmallTriangles,10LargeTriangles,6Rhombus,4Hexagon,4Trapezium,4Wheels&1StorageBox.

  • EasyToClearUp-OurBeautifullyDesignedStorageBoxIsSmallAndCompactWhichCanHoldAllThePieces.NoExcusesForAMessyRoom!

  • SafeAndDurable-WeKnowHowKidsAre,PuttingEverythingInTheirMouths,That’sWhyOurProductsMeetToySafetyStandards.

  • UnlimitedPotential-InTheBoxWeProvideAManual,ButThatJustScratchesTheSurfaceOnWhatCanBeMade,EnhanceTheCreativityOfYourChildAndLetThemBeTheArtistsTheyWereMeantToBe.

  • Our goal is to inspire creativity amongst individuals, and what better place to start than with children. With Kidz King Magnetic Building Blocks the opportunities are endless, there is no limit to the models your children can create, 2D or 3D models. Stimulating the imagination of your children or even you adults! We don’t judge, in fact, we encourage everyone to take part in the magic of our magnetic building blocks.

    Kidz King 80pcs Premium Magnetic Building Block Set Unleash Their Creativity with Limitless Possibilities