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  • DIVERSITYOFTOYS-7toysincluded:mirror,rattlingbook,2teethers,rattle,squeakingtiger,jinglingelephant.Thematcomesalsowith20ballsin4colors,providinganadditionalformofentertainmentforchildren

  • PLAYPENFUNCTION-Thebaseofthematisthickandthusverysoft,andthesidescanbeliftedandfastenedtogethertoformaplaypen.Itswallsarearealcuriositybecauseeachofthemrepresentsadifferentstory

  • ADJUSTINGTHEBARS-Toybarswithauniversalconnectorthatallowsadjustingthedistancetotheplayingchild

  • ACCESSORIES-Includedisacomfortablecushionimprovingthecomfortoflyingonthetummy.Achildcanalsoplaylyingonthebackorsitting

  • UNIQUEDESIGN-Originalcolors,inparticularthecontrastofwhiteandblack,willhelpthetoddlerdiscovertheworldfromtheveryfirstdaysoflife

  • Product Description

    Kinderkraft is a brand whose mission is to help parents and children discover the world together, providing products that combine innovative solutions and best quality. We create with passion, and our products are always “EASY” − are available to anyone through ease of use, attractive price and prompt delivery “MOBILE” − enable users to share travelling and exploring the world, so you can always be together “SMART” − they combine the best features, high quality and modern design. Children's safety is our priority, which is why our products meet all international safety requirements. We take care of every detail, and children inspire us as a source of inexhaustible ingenuity and determination to explore new opportunities. A large interactive mat with playpen function provides the child with fun and safety. It's a private playground and the center of expanding cognitive skills. Included toys of different shapes and textures, which can be freely pinned to the toy bars, develop the toddler's motor and manual skills, stimulating the senses of: - sight - hearing - touch The mat is easy to fold and transport, and can be washed. Designed and approved in the European Union. The play mat is produced in accordance with the applicable EU directives. (EN 71-1)

    Kinderkraft Baby Playmat SMARTPLAY Educational Mat Activity Play Gym with Ajustable Fitness Frame Playpen Function Accessories Hanging Rattle 5 Toys 30 Balls for Newborn Suitable from Birth