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  • 100%non-toxicABSbathtoysmakebathingfunandonlyhappywithoutcrying,Childrenalwaysliketochoosecolorfulbathtoys,whichhelpstotrainchildren'sabilitytodistinguishcolors,exercisebaby'shandactivityabilityandimprovethecoordinationbetweenhandandbrain.

  • Howtooperate:Twistclockworkofbabymoldfreebathtoystotheend,putthemunderthewaterthenrelease,thecutewindupbathtoyswillquicklyflappingtheirarmsandswimminginthewater,makingtheselittleonesgigglewithglee.(attention:Under3yearsold,pleaseuseitwithanadult.)

  • Itismadeofnon-toxicandstrongPVC,whichhasbeentestedforsafetyanddurability,Itdoesnotneedbatteries,andthesmoothedgewillnothurtthebaby'shand;Thesizeisabout19*7*6cm.

  • Greatgift:whenthesetoyscomehome,thechildrenwillbeveryexcited.Theywillbeveryhappyeverytimeandloveyoumoreforit;Perfectgiftforbabies,babiesandyoungchildren.

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  • 100% non-toxic ABS bath toys make bathing fun and only happy without crying,Children always like to choose colorful bath toys, which helps to train children's ability to distinguish colors, exercise baby's hand activity ability and improve the coordination between hand and brain.

    attention:Under 3 years old, please use it with an adult.

    How to operate:
    Twist clockwork of baby mold free bath toys to the end, put them under the water then release,the cute wind up bath toys will quickly flapping their arms and swimming in the water,making these little ones giggle with glee.

    It is made of non-toxic and strong PVC, which has been tested for safety and durability,It does not need batteries, and the smooth edge will not hurt the baby's hand;

    The size is about 19 * 7 * 6cm.

    Great gift:
    when these toys come home, the children will be very excited. They will be very happy every time and love you more for it; Perfect gift for babies, babies and young children.

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