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  • Includes:1cottagehousewithtoyfurniture,porchswing,andmore

  • Features:Workingindoorandoutdoorlights

  • Design:Brightcoloursstimulatecognitivedevelopment

  • Storytelling:Toysinspireimaginationandcreativity

  • Accessories:Compatiblewithcompetitorplaysets

  • Build your Li’l Woodzeez collection with the Honeysuckle Hillside Cottage This 20pc playset has plenty of accessories to help you create a home for your animal figurines in Honeysuckle Hollow. There are working lights both inside and outside the cottage, so you can play any time of day Hidden in the roof is a storage compartment for your little items – but sshhh, it’s a secret There is also lots of furniture inside the house, including a big bed for Mum and Dad, a little bed for their kid, and a crib for the baby. Everyone can get a good night’s sleep with all the mattresses and pillows included Why not invite your other Li’l Woodzeez animal characters around for a sleepover? There’s loads of room for everyone at Honeysuckle Hillside Cottage Li’l Woodzeez playsets and accessories are beautifully designed, with tiny details to inspire storytelling throughout generations. Pair this toy set with your Li’l Woodzeez animal figurines to create your own little world

    Large Cottage House