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  • StateofthearthandmaderockinghorsefromMJmark,UKBRAND-FASTDELIVERY

  • Havingnaturalshapesofhorse'sheadwithbeautifullycarvedwoodennose,withjustrightproportions...NOTLIKEotherexampleson...

  • Softpaddedsaddleforyourchild’scomfort,fittedwithadjustableCASTstirrups

  • Seatheight:66cmapprox

  • BeautifullyhandmaderockinghorsefromMJmark

  • State of the art handmade rocking horse from MJmark, UK BRAND - FAST DELIVERY Having natural shapes of horse's head with beautifully carved wooden nose, with just right proportions... NOT LIKE other examples on ... Soft padded saddle for your child’s comfort, fitted with adjustable CAST stirrups Solid wooden inner-base/structure of the horse, hand wrapped and shaped using long wooden shavings. This traditional method guarantee a long life and high weight resistance... Suitable from 3 to 7-8 years approx. L: 126cm, B: 46cm, H: 90cm, Seat height: 66 cm approx. Brand new in ONE PLAIN Box. Quality guaranteed as this lovely rocking horse was made in EUROPE

    Mars SIX Handmade Rocking Horse