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  • OfficiallyLicensedbyKawada

  • Newandsealedinsideretailpackaging

  • 290Micro-sizedbuildingblocks

  • Included:assemblyinstructions

  • LimitedAvailability

  • Nanoblock is a line of construction toys manufactured by Kawada Co. Ltd, a toy company based in Tokyo, Japan. The Nanoblock range includes original designs as well as licensed sets. Kawada is currently releasing four original series. The Miniature collection series features miniatures designs of animals, musical instruments and Christmas themes with all sets being around 80 to 150 pieces. The Sights to See series includes designs of world landmarks and notable buildings with sets ranging in size from 200 bricks to 600. The Advanced Hobby series also features notable buildings and landmarks but on a much larger scale with sets in the series being all over 2000 pieces. Collect them all.

    Nanoblock Melbourne Tram Building Kit