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  • Thisicecreamfactorymakestheperfectimaginaryplaybathtimetoy.Simplyaddbubblebath,water,pulltheleverandfilltheconeswiththebubbly'icecream'Foam

  • Thisbubblemachinebathtoycomeswithtwoconesandconeholderformakingicecreamfoam(doesnotmakerealicecream)sosharingiseasy

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  • Thisfunbathtoyissuitablefrom3yearsonwards.NubyIcecreamshopisidealforpretendplaywhichencouragescreativity,motorskillsandlanguagedevelopment

  • Product Description

    My ice cream factory is the perfect sweet treat at bath time. Simply add bubble bath, some water, and you’ve got a bubbly ice cream maker! The lever is easy to pull, i come with two cones so sharing is easy and the cone holder makes tidying up a breeze. I stick to the bath tiles & tubs, what’s not to love? Always keep bathing child within arms reach. Always use this product with adult supervision. To avoid injury, do not let child walk or run with this toy. Always check water temperature before placing child in bath. Inspect before use. Discard and replace at the first signs of weakness or damage. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Clean in warm soapy water and allow to air dry. Inspect bath toy before each use. Use a shaking action to remove excess water from bath toy and allow to air dry completely. For through cleaning, soak in a mixture of 50ml distilled vinegar and 1l of water for 1-2 hours. Rinse toy multiple times with clean water and allow to air dry completely. Discard bath toy if mould cannot be removed. Please retain instruction in from the products box for future reference. Works with commercially available children’s bubble solution.

    Nuby Ice Cream Shop Bath Toy Bubble Machine for Toddlers from 3 Year Olds and Older. Foam Cone Ice Cream Maker Bath Wall Toy Pink