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  • ThisproductisdesignedtobeusedwithotheroriginalpolydronsetsandisalsocompatiblewithPolydronFrameworksandCrystalPolydron

  • Theuniquejointssnaptogethergivingasuperiorhinge

  • Polydronisaleaderinschoolteachingofgeometry(2Dand3Dshapes)aroundtheworld

  • Containsupto5Frameworkspieces

  • Age:4+

  • This product is designed to be used with other original polydron sets and is also compatible with Polydron Frameworks and Crystal Polydron. The unique joints snap together giving a superior hinge. Polydron is a leader in school teaching of geometry (2D and 3D shapes) around the world. Contains up to 5 Frameworks pieces. This set contains 100 equilateral triangles. Age: 4+.

    Polydron 10-0300 Bulk Sets 100 Equilateral Triangles 4 years