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  • ThissetformspartoftheOriginalPolydronrangeandallthepiecesaremadefromABSplasticwhichwilllastforyears

  • Theuniquejointsreadilysnaptogethergivingasuperiorhinge

  • CompatiblewithPolydronFrameworksandCrystalPolydron

  • Squarepiecesmeasure75x75cm;Polystyreneinsertallowstheteachertomakesureeverythingispackedbackintothetray

  • Usethissettocoveralltheactivitiesinthe'MathematicswithPolydron'resourcebook

  • This set forms part of the Original Polydron range and all the pieces are made from ABS plastic which will last for years. The unique joints readily snap together giving a superior hinge. Compatible with Polydron Frameworks and Crystal Polydron. Square pieces measure 7. 5 x 7. 5cm. . Use this set to cover all the activities in the 'Mathematics with Polydron' resource book. Polystyrene insert allows the teacher to make sure everything is packed back into the tray. . Contents: 266 pieces including 80 Equilateral Triangles, 40 Right Angle Triangles, 60 Isosceles Triangles, 24 Large Equilateral Triangles, 30 Squares, 20 Hexagons, 12 Pentagons and 2 Polydron Protractors. Age: 4+.

    Polydron School Geometry Set