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  • LightKitSet:DesignedforLego42109,withthislightkit,youcanbringyourTechnicTopGearRallyCarfromdarktobright,makeitcometolife.(PleasenotethatonlyLEDlightset.LegoSetisnotincluded)

  • CultivateKinship:DIYLightingKitcancultivatechildren'shands-onabilityandcreativityintheprocess;Youcanwithyourchild,harvestthejoyofcreationandcultivateparent-childrelationshipintheprocess.

  • Safeandreliable:UniversalUSBpowersupplymethod,reasonableapplicationofhomeenvironmentprops,powersupplystandardsandnoworryaboutelectricshock;variousdecorativeshapesandappearancesintegratedwithbuildingblocksincreasetheplayabilityandfunofbuildingblocks.

  • Value:Afterassembled,putthemodelinthedarkandturnontheswitch,themodelwillemitbeautifulandcharminglights,greatlyincreasingtheviewingandplayingfun.(Werecommendinstalledtheledlightafterbuildingthemodel)

  • ItMustBeNoted:ThisisaLEDlightingkitonly,notincludethebuildingmodelset.Allofthebuildingblockssetfeaturedintheimagesandvideosarejustforthelightingshow.

  • Product description
    Bringing brightness to your building blocks
    The led light can make the building blocks toys shine in an instant, and it means that it gives them brightness in the dark.Connecting the power at that moment, different light color makes them more beautiful and unique rather than dull and boring.

    Led Light Kit: This is specially designed for Lego 42109 (Technic Top Gear Rally Car) Building Blocks Model, With this light kit, you can light up your model, to make it looks gorgeous.

    Function: flash, Able to DIY
    Material: Plastic/Plastic
    Plastic material classification: ABS
    Plastic building block type: Small particles
    3C configuration category: Toys over 14 years old
    Block net weight: 0.05KG
    Suitable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)
    Colour Name: llk319 Rally car lighting (building blocks not included)

    Package Including:
    1 Set x Led Light Kit for Lego 42109 (Technic Top Gear Rally Car) Building Blocks Model
    Installation Instruction, User Guide, Service Card
    Please note that only LED light is supplied. All LEGO sets shown in pictures and videos are not included.

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    QZPM Light Set for Technic Top Gear Rally Car Building Blocks Model Led Light Kit Compatible with Lego 42109 NOT Included The Model