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  • RealisticModel-DetailedPre-Paintedandpre-assembledbody,featuringfunctionallights,servodrivensteeringwheel,afold-awaywindshield,smallfeaturessuchasthefabricstrapsthatholdthepaintedaxeandshoveladdtotherealisticlookandfeelofthevehicle.

  • 550sized35TMotorprovidesfantastictorque.FullywaterproofreceiverandHobbywing1060brushedESCallowtotraverseallterrain.Oilfilledshocksreplaceleafspringstoallowforaxlearticulation.

  • 2.4GHzRadiosystem-2.4GHzRCtransmitterprovidesfartherRCdistanceandmoreaccurateoperation,supportinginterference-freedriving,racemultiplecarsatthesametime.

  • Customization-1/6MBScaleroffersvariousoptionalpartsforcustomization,SothatyoucancreateyourownRCCar.AndthisRCcarwasreproducedaccuratelyaccordingto1/6scale,thecabinandseatingfitmost1/6actionfigures.

  • GreatGift-Forbeginners,theRCtruckisout-of-the-box,justaddthebatteryandyoucanstartplaying.Forexpertdrivers,Thiscaralsoprovidesalotofspaceforcustomization.ThisMBScalerreadysetisperfectforbothbeginners,childrenandexpertdrivers.

    ROCHOBBY is Proud to announce its latest creation, the 1/6 MB Scaler.

    2 years in the making, the MB Scaler is the result of dedicated research through countless historical photos and documentation. Dedicated to the soldiers who served with this legendary vehicle, the ROCHOBBY MB Scaler was designed to be the most accurate radio controlled MB on the market today.
    Scale enthusiasts will appreciate the detailed pre-painted and pre-assembled body, featuring functional lights, servo driven steering wheel and a fold-away windshield. Small features such as the fabric straps that hold the painted axe and shovel add to the realistic look and feel of the vehicle. The cabin replicates the real vehicle with micro-print instruction labels, gear levers and seating that fits 1/6th scale soldiers.
    Performance was not overlooked when creating the MB Scaler: a modern crawler chassis was chosen to retain the body-on-frame and solid axle design of the full scale MB. Oil filled shocks replace leaf springs to allow for axle articulation. Narrow wheels feature specially formulated high-grip tires with period-correct tread to provide maximum traction while retaining the scale look of the MB. Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most iconic vehicles of the second world war!
    Ready Set(RS)
    -1/6 1941 MB Scaler
    -2.4GHz Radio Transmitter and Receiver
    -Complete instruction manual

    -7.4V(2S) or 11.1V(3S) 5000mAh Lipo Battery with XT60-connector
    -Balance Charger
    -4x AA Batteries for 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter

    Assembly (additional purchase)
    Canvas top
    Machine gun

    Spare Parts (additional purchase)
    Rear AXLE
    Front AXLE
    Front Wheels (1 Pair)
    Rear Wheels (1 Pair)
    Metal Link

    RocHobby RC Car 1:6 1941 MB Scaler Willys Jeep Remote Control Vehicle Military Truck Ready Set 2.4Ghz RC Truck with 180 Brushed Motor LED Lights for Adults