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  • FineTexture:Theskintextureofinsectsisdetailedandclear,thetextureissuperstrong,andthesimulationishigh,whichisveryinterestingforeveryone.

  • ElectricRemoteControlToys:Remotecontrolbugissimpleandconvenienttouse,preparetouse,radioremotecontrol.

  • BatteryPowerSupply:6buttonbatteriesforantsandremotecontrol(included),whichcanbeusedaschildren'sorpettoys,Halloweenpranks,Christmasgifts,AprilFools'Daypranks.

  • Crawling:Anttoycancrawllikearealant.It'sscarytoothers!Frightenyourfriends,family,andevenyourself.

  • CoolLighting:TheheadofToyinsectsisequippedwithadynamiclighting,whichwillflashcoollightingeffectsafterturningonthepower,andtherealwalkingpostureisstronginsimulation.

  • Feature:
    1. Fine Texture: The skin texture of insects is detailed and clear, the texture is super strong, and the simulation is high, which is very interesting for everyone.
    2. Electric Remote Control Toys: Remote control bug is simple and convenient to use, prepare to use, radio remote control.
    3. Battery Power Supply: 6 button batteries for ants and remote control (included), which can be used as children's or pet toys, Halloween pranks, Christmas gifts, April Fools' Day pranks.
    4. Crawling: Ant toy can crawl like a real ant. It's scary to others! Frighten your friends, family, and even yourself.
    5. Cool Lighting: The head of Toy insects is equipped with a dynamic lighting, which will flash cool lighting effects after turning on the power, and the real walking posture is strong in simulation.

    How to Use:
    Instructions: 3 batteries are required for the remote control. Channel A, B and C are displayed on the right side of the remote control. Ants need three button batteries, turn on the switch, can play on the frequency.
    Frequency method: choose any channel in A/B/C, press the forward key to frequency, if there is no frequency then switch the channel, and then continue to button frequency success, will begin to move!


    Item Type: Ant Toy
    Material: Environmentally Friendly ABS, Electronic Components
    Suitable: For 6 Years Old +
    Battery Type: Button Battery
    Remote Control Ant Battery Model: LR44 x 3 1.5V (Delivered with Supporting Battery)
    Remote Control Battery Mode

    SALALIS Ant Toy Simple Operation Insect Toys Vivid Appearance Clear Texture Radio Remote Control for April Fool's Day for Hallowmas for Christmas