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  • FSC100%:ThisproductismadeentirelyofwoodfromFSC-certifiedforests.

  • Atthepushofabutton,variousmovementsmakethepinkpigletdance

  • Playfullytrainsthechild'smotorskills

  • Thecolourfulfigureisalsodecorativeandarousesthepassionforcollecting.

  • Idealasasmallgiftforchildren'sbirthdayparties,weddings,fortheschoolbagorintheAdventcalendar

  • Product Description

    There's a lot of wiggling going on here! Pressing the bottom of this toy brings this jolly pig to life and creates new, silly movements by applying different pressures to the bottom in different locations. Made of 100% FSC®-certified wood.

    Small Foot Dancing Pig