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  • Feature-100%Brandnewand.GoodaccessoriesforVehicleorremotecontrol,ProvidesaconvenientchoiceforyourDIYproject

  • Specification-PlasticGearsModel6*6-2A,0.5Modulus,6mmOuterdiameter,6mmThickness,2mmHoleDiameter

  • Application-PlasticCrownGearssuitforascienceDIYprojectssuchasrcmodelcar,modelelectricrobotandwindmill,educationsuchasdisplayinghowgearratioswork,andanyotherfamilysmallmotorDIYproject.

  • MoreChoose-Ourstorehavethemostcompletespecsgearsshowninthefollowingdescription,whichcanmeetyourDIYneeds.

  • PackageContent-20pcsPlasticGearsModel6*6-2AReductionGearPlasticWormGearsforRCCarRobotMotor

  • Description:
    Feature - 100% Brand new and .Provides a convenient choice for your DIY project
    Application - Plastic Crown Gears suit for a science DIY projects such as rc model car, model electric robot and windmill, education such as displaying how gear ratios work, and any other family small motor DIY project.
    More Choose - Our store have the most complete specs gears shown in the following description, which can meet your DIY needs.
    Good accessories for Vehicle or remote control

    sourcing map 20pcs Plastic Gears Model 6x6-2A Reduction Gear Plastic Worm Gears for RC Car Robot Motor