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  • Thisspinningtoyshelpstoimprovechildren'scolorrecognitionabilityandhands-onability.

  • Kidsspinningtopkit,notonlyatoysbutalsoapressurerelease.Thespinningtopisagoodtoyforrestandentertainment.

  • Superstackingspinningtopscanbeusedaloneorstackedtogethertoformahugecirculartowertoeasetheboringtimeandexperiencetheeternalfunatthetop.

  • Easytocarry,small,simple,discreteandfun.Youcanplaybothindoorwithyourfamilysandoutdoorswithyourfriends.

  • Packagecontain4differentcolorsandsizesspinningtopswithaLauncher.

  • Stacking Spinning Tops
    A powerful wind-up handle will provide long lasting spinning action. To use, just find a flat surface and watch the spinning action unfold before your eyes.
    This multicolor set includes 4 hard plastic tops of different sizes and 1 starter handle with a push button release.
    Spin Tops Can Spin Individually or On Top of Each Other.
    Great as a gift for ages up to 6, these tops will not disappoint.
    Recommended for ages 6 and up.

    Name: Fun Stacking Toys
    Suitable age: over 6 years old
    Color: Random colorful
    Weight: 160g
    Size 1: 7.9 x 3 cm
    Size 2: 7 x 3cm
    Size 3: 6 x 2.5 cm
    Size 4: 5 x 1.8cm

    How to Use
    1. Attach the launcher in the top
    2. Rotate 3-4 times clockwise
    3. Then press the launcher button. The top will spin.
    4. And use the same ways to stack them up.

    Perfect for play indoor and outdoors

    Package 1 x Spinning Top Kit(4 hard plastic tops and 1 starter handle)

    Please Note:
    Color is in Random
    Recommended for people over 6 years old.
    When using it, please find a flat surface and watch the rotation unfold before your eyes.
    How To Use:
    1.Press the starter handle to the spinning top.
    2.Turn 3 or 4 full circles.
    3.Press the button.
    4.Stacking layer by layer.

    Spinning Tops Super Stacking Tops Kit Stackable Toys Spin Individually or on Top of Each Other Spinner Tops with Launcher