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  • Byrotatingthebreadloaf,thebackofthebakeryturnsintoakitchenlab!

  • Openthebakingdomewithyourmagicwandandrevealthebread!

  • Haveapizzapartywithyourveryownpizzaoven!

  • Completelyclosesfortidystorage

  • 30cmtallplayset

  • Product Description

    Set in the wondrous kingdom of Trulliland, where the ancient arts of magic and cooking blend into one, Trulli Tales tells the story of four young and talented Wizards Chefs—Ring, Zip, Stella and Sun—who grow up thanks to the words of wisdom from a magical grandma living in an ancestral Magic Cookbook! By learning to understand Trulli Grandma’s 52 words of wisdom, our heroes will eventually win their fight against the evil Copperpot and learn how to face everyday issues! Open up the Trulli Tales Bakery to reveal a magical world of play with wand-activated accessories and secret rooms! This 30cm tall playset features a magic wand that opens the trunk and cookbook and it comes with one 7. 5cm articulated Sun or Stella mini figure! By rotating the bread loaf, the back of the bakery turns into a kitchen lab! Open the baking dome with your magic wand and reveal the bread! Have a pizza party with your very own pizza oven! Create your own Trulli Tales and when you’re done the playset closes for tidy storage. Suitable for ages 3 and above.

    Trulli Tales TRU08100 Bakery Playset