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  • Apackoftwox100%organicEgyptiancottonbabybuddybabycomforterwithpalepinkstripedesign(stuffedwithorganiccotton)

  • Manypeopleliketobuy2comforterssotheycanhaveaspareoneincaseoflossorsoyoucanhaveoneinthewash.Weareofferingtwoatthisspecialprice

  • Manyexpertsbelievethatbaby'ssleepbetterwhentheyhaveacomforter,astheyfeelsafeandrelaxedwiththeirspecialtoy

  • Handmadeusingtheoffcutsfromthebabyclothesbyfairtradeartisans

  • Fairtrade,suitablefrombirth,machinewashable,handmade,safetytestedEN71andCE

  • Product description

    We are delighted to offer selected Under the Nile baby comforters in packs of two. Now you can have one in the cot and one in the wash and you don't need to worry about what you will do if your baby loses his or her comforter when out and about - a problem that has been faced by many parents over the years!

    Under the Nile Pack of 2 Baby Buddy Baby Comforters with Pale Pink Stripe Print Handmade from 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton