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  • Fitment:FitForMavicPro/ProPlatinum

  • Betterperformance:Eachbladehasundergoneaprecisedynamicbalancetest,resultinginlessflightnoise,higheraerodynamicefficiency,lowerpowerconsumption,andimprovedendurance

  • Excellentmaterial:Thepropellerismadeofdurableandpracticalmaterial,whichcaneffectivelyextendtheservicelifeofmotorpropellers.

  • Easytoattach&Remove:Thefoldablewingsareequippedwithaquickreleasesystemthatoffersasolidandsecurefit.

  • Qualityservice:Ifyouhaveanyquestions,pleasefeelfreetocontactus,wewillhelpyouwithin24hoursworkingdays.

  • Features:
    Better performance: Each blade has undergone a precise dynamic balance test, resulting in less flight noise, higher aerodynamic efficiency, lower power consumption, and improved endurance
    Excellent material : The propeller is made of durable and practical material, which can effectively extend the service life of motor propellers.
    Easy to attach & Remove: The foldable wings are equipped with a quick release system that offers a solid and secure fit.
    Quality service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will help you within 24 hours working days.
    Fitment: Fit For Mavic Pro / Pro Platinum

    VIKEP 8331 Propeller Low-Noise Props Quick-Release Folding Blade Fit For Mavic Pro Platinum Prop Color : 4Pair White Edge