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  • 2.4Gfrequencyallowsmultipleplayerstoplayagainsteachotheratthesametimewithoutinterference.

  • Withforwardandbackward,left-rightsteering,thefortcanrotatesby270degrees,andsimulationsoundeffect.

  • Thetankhastheautomaticdemonstrationfunction.Presstheautomaticdemonstrationbutton,andthetankwillautomaticallydemonstrateasetofprogrammeddemonstrationactions.

  • Programmingfunction:Pressthiskeyandthecarwillentertheprogrammingmode.Pressotherfunctionkeysoftheremotecontrolandthefunctionswillbeprogrammedintothememoryinturn.

  • Presstheprogrammingkeyagaintoentertheprogrammingfunctionplayinturnautomatically.Atthistime,pressanyfunctionkeytointerrupttheprogrammingplay.

  • Feature:
    1. 2.4G frequency allows multiple players to play against each other at the same time without interference.
    2. With forward and backward, left-right steering, the fort can rotates by 270 degrees, and simulation sound effect.
    3. The tank has the automatic demonstration function. Press the automatic demonstration button, and the tank will automatically demonstrate a set of programmed demonstration actions.
    4. Programming function: Press this key and the car will enter the programming mode. Press other function keys of the remote control and the functions will be programmed into the memory in turn.
    5. Press the programming key again to enter the programming function play in turn automatically. At this time, press any function key to interrupt the programming play.

    Condition: 100% Brand New
    Item Type: RC Tank
    Material: ABS + Electronic Components Model: Q85
    Color: Green 
    Size: Approx. 20.9 x 11.8 x 10.3cm / 8.2 x 4.6 x 4.1in
    RC Battery: 3.7V 500MAH (built-in battery)
    Speed: 3 km/H
    Using Time: 15 minutes
    Charging Time: 2 hours

    Package List:
    1 x RC Tank Toy (built-in battery)
    1 x Remote Control 
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Manual 

    Weikeya Children RC Tank Automatic RC Tank Easy Durable RC Tank Toy for Model Toy Gift with Programming Functiongreen