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  • Solidwood:madeofpinewood,strongerbearingcapacity,tosatisfythebaby'swantonplay.

  • 360°polishingandpolishing:smoothedgesandcorners,inordertopreventtheappearanceofburrs,thepartsareall360°polishingandpolishingtoensurethesafetyofthebaby'sskin.

  • Stronganddurable:openspraypaint,non-toxic,noodor

  • Theponyisnotonlyababy'stoy,butalsoadecorationforthechildren'sroom.

  • Places:family,earlyeducation,kindergarten,etc.

  • Name: Children's solid wood wooden horse baby rocking horse
    Material: solid wood
    Product size: 68×50cm
    Seat board size: length 42*width 16cm
    Intermediate distance: 27 from the ground to the board
    Solid wood: made of pine wood, stronger bearing capacity, to satisfy the baby's wanton play.
    360° polishing and polishing: smooth edges and corners, in order to prevent the appearance of burrs, the parts are all 360° polishing and polishing to ensure the safety of the baby's skin.
    Strong and durable: open spray paint, non-toxic, no odor
    The pony is not only a baby's toy, but also a decoration for the children's room.
    Places: family, early education, kindergarten, etc.

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