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  • Exquisiteandlovelyhorsehead:allsolidwood,thewoodgrainisclearlyvisible,andtheergonomicseat.

  • Theroundedcornersarepolishedandsmoothed:theoveralledgeissmoothandround,anditissafertoplay.

  • Balancedswingdesign:safeswingangle,thebabyswingsbackandforthbybalancingthestrengthofthelimbs.

  • Comfortablesittingposture,anti-fallandanti-rollover:ergonomically,thelargeandcomfortableseatcanprotectthebabyfromthehiddendangersoffallingforwardandbackward.

  • Places:family,earlyeducation,kindergarten,etc.

  • Name: Trojan
    Material: solid wood
    Weight: 4.5KG
    Color: wood color
    Size: 82*28*60cm
    Age 1~6 years old baby
    Exquisite and lovely horse head: all solid wood, the wood grain is clearly visible, and the ergonomic seat.
    The rounded corners are polished and smoothed: the overall edge is smooth and round, and it is safer to play.
    Balanced swing design: safe swing angle, the baby swings back and forth by balancing the strength of the limbs.
    Comfortable sitting posture, anti-fall and anti-rollover: ergonomically, the large and comfortable seat can protect the baby from the hidden dangers of falling forward and backward.
    Places: family, early education, kindergarten, etc.

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