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  • Infraredbattle:Afterbeinghitbyinfraredrays6times,itwillautomaticallyturnoffwiththevibrationeffect.

  • Gunbarrelexpansionsimulationrearseat:restoretherealcombatbarrelexpansionandrecoilforce,andwithshellsound.

  • Simulateddrivingsmoke:thesmokeeffectissynchronizedwiththedrivingspeedofthetank.

  • LEDlighteffectcontrol:8LEDcarlightinterfaces,whichcanrealizethemomentumofthedarknightoverlord.

  • Independentsuspensionofroadwheels:Eachmetalroadwheelisindependentlysuspendedtoadapttodifferentterrains.

  • Product name: heavy tank

    ■Product ratio: 1:16

    ■Color: camouflage blue

    ■Product material: alloy + electronic components + environmentally friendly plastic

    ■Remote control technology: 2.4G multi-frequency remote control

    ■Remote control distance: about 100 meters

    Body battery: 7.4V 1800mAh battery pack

    ■Remote control battery: 1. 5V battery*6

    ■Product size: 52.5x 23 x 18cm (20.7in/9.1in/7.1in)

    ■Product accessories Tiger I heavy tank model*1, 2.4G remote control*1 USB charging cable*1, rechargeable battery pack*1, smoke oil*1 body parts package*1, operation manual*1, target board*1

    Main functions: Infinitely variable forward and backward, super faithful rotation, recoil force demonstration, 320-degree rotation of the turret, 30-degree rotation of the gun barrel, simulated sound and action effects, full-scale remote control function, tank smoke effect, independent suspension, realistic commander

    YIUAN 1 16 Remote Control Tank 2.4Ghz Heavy Remote Control Tank Model Can Launch Battle For Boys Girls 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old Birthday Gifts