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  • .Madeofhigh-qualityABSplasticandelectroniccomponents.Theskintextureofourtoysisdetailedandclear,andthetextureisrealistic

  • Infraredremotecontrolversion:Playerscanpresstheinfraredremotecontroltocontrolthetoytomovearoundatwill,forwardandbackward,leftandright,one-keystart.Equippedwithwear-resistantwheels,walkingfreely;telescopicbody,simulatingperistalsis

  • High-frequencyinfraredreceiver:Theheadofthetoyisequippedwithahigh-frequencyinfraredreceiver,whichmakesthetoymorestableandfun!

  • Powerswitch:Thereisapowerswitchatthebottomofthetoy.Thereasonabledesignmakesthetoymoreexquisiteandinteresting!

  • Itwillshine:thetoyhasasmalllight,whentheswitchisturnedon,thelightwilllightup,andthewalkwillberealisticandinteresting!

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    1.Made of high-quality ABS plastic and electronic components. The skin texture of our toys is detailed and clear, and the texture is realistic
    2.Infrared remote control version: Players can press the infrared remote control to control the toy to move around at will, forward and backward, left and right, one-key start. Equipped with wear-resistant wheels, walking freely; telescopic body, simulating peristalsis
    3.High-frequency infrared receiver: The head of the toy is equipped with a high-frequency infrared receiver, which makes the toy more stable and fun!
    4.Power switch: There is a power switch at the bottom of the toy. The reasonable design makes the toy more exquisite and interesting!
    5.It will shine: the toy has a small light, when the switch is turned on, the light will light up, and the walk will be realistic and interesting!

    Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect
    Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement
    Our product does not contain the button battery, please pay more attention before buying


    1.Product Name: Infrared Remote Toy with Animal Shape
    2.Product Size: 12 x 3 x 3 cm
    3.Material:  ABS plastic, electronic components
    4.Weight: 88g
    5.Color:As shown
    6.Package Size: 14.5 x 12 x 8.5 cm
    7.Packing List:1 x Infrared Remote Toy, 1 x Infrared Remote Control, 6 x Button Batteries(Not Included)

    Zhantie Infrared Remote Toy with Animal Shape Educational Toy Durable Lightweight Long Lasting Best Gift for Children