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  • 2differentrandomcoloursoneachsideofeachmagneticblock.Compatiblewithothertilesofsimilarsize,whichisalsoagoodcomplementarypackage.

  • Safeanddurable:ourmagneticbuildingblocksaremadeofBPA-free,non-toxicABSplastic.Thesmoothedgeofeachtilewillneverhurtchildren'slittlehands.Powerfulmagnetsensureyourchildrenenjoythepatternstheycreate.

  • Developmultipleskills:itisaneducationaltoy,thismagneticbuildingblockstoysuniqueshape,freecombination,coulddevelopthefinemotordevelopmentofchildren,thecognitivedevelopmentofcolour,teamskills,artisticcognitiveskills,sensorycognitiveskills,practicalskills,imaginationandcreativity.

  • Bestgift/festival:Ifyouarelookingforawaytoconnectmagneticbuildingblockswithyourchildandhavefun,thisisanindispensablegift.Youwilllovetheprideyouseeonyourchild'sfacewhentheycreateanewdesign.Besteducationalstackingsetsforboysandgirls.

  • CUSTOMERSERVICE:Weseekahighqualitycustomersupport.Ifyouhavesomequestions,youarenotsatisfiedwithyourorder,pleaseletusknow.Wewillprovidesolutionforyou.

  • Specifications:
    2 different random colours on each side of each magnetic block. Compatible with other tiles of similar sizes, which is also a good complementary package.

    Safe and durable: our magnetic building blocks are made of BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic. The smooth edge of each tile will never hurt children's little hands. Powerful magnets ensure your children enjoy the patterns they create.

    Develop multiple skills: it is an educational toy, this magnetic building blocks toys unique shape, free combination, could develop the fine motor development of children, the cognitive development of colour, team skills, artistic cognitive skills, sensory cognitive skills, practical skills, imagination and creativity.

    Best gift / festival: if you are looking for a way to connect magnetic building blocks with your child and have fun, this is an indispensable gift. You will love the pride you see on your child's face when they create a new design. Best educational stacking sets for boys and girls.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: We seek a high quality customer support. If you have some questions, you are not satisfied with your order, please let us know. We will provide solution for you.

    1 set of deluxe magnetic building blocks.

    ZJDTC For 100 pieces magnetic building blocks magnetic tiles set building block educational building stacking toy for children boys girls